Let's come enjoy naturistic swimming with bears!
● Meet-up: 11:30AM at František Palacký Monument - in front of the building Palackého náměstí 4, Prague, with a ticket for public transport.

● Departure: ~11:40AM by a tram 3 or 17 to Nádraží Braník stop.
● "Branická louka" (Branik Meadow): From the tram stop "Nádraží Braník" we walk through the sport club "Hamrsport" (yes, really through inside of that building around the stored kayaks) to our location at "Branická louka" (Branik Meadow) where is a naturistic beach at the bank of the river Vltava (free entry).
You need: A blanket or a towel, suntan cream, a biiig bottle of drinking water and maybe something to eat 😉
There is a restaurant in a nearby sport club (Hamr Braník https://www.hamrsport.cz/cs/restaurace-branik/) - you can buy a takeaway beer & meel there.
Event is part of Prague Bear Summer 2023