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Who is a bear

Bears are one LGBI+ subcultures with events, codes, and a culture-specific identity. Here is the term "bear" known as a generally large, hairy man embodying the image of rugged masculinity, the bearded face and "cuddly" body. Above all, the "bear culture" is about feeling good in your own body and enjoing natural masculinity, not to be focused to the trends of modern times.

Bears tend to include their friends into the community – thus even heterosexual men who have Bearish physical traits and are affirming of their gay friends and family (or their gay fans, in the case of a celebrity) may also be informally accorded "honorary" Bear status.
A smaller number of lesbians, particularly butch dykes, also participate in Bear culture, referring to themselves with the distinct label of ursula.

Bear vocabulary

  • Cub – a younger (or younger-looking) version of a Bear, typically, but not always, with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship.
  • Daddy – A mature Bear or a gay guy that is older than you, usually with a touch of grey hair who is often looking for a Cub (or a younger man) for a relationship and is a caretaker or has a dominant attitude.
  • Ewok – A Bear of short stature, but not younger.
  • Otter – A slimmer or less hairy Bear regardless of age.
  • Admirer – Somebody who is attracted to Bears and/or Chubs but is not part of the Bear culture
  • Chaser – Somebody who is attracted to Bears and/or Chubs, might not be a part of the Bear culture but is much more active in chasing bears than Admirer for relationship or sex.
  • Chub – A heavy-set man who might be described as overweight or obese. These men are also a distinct subculture within the gay society, and may or may not identify with the Bear movement per se.
  • Teddy – A fully hairy Bear. Chest, back, beard, everything is hairy.
  • Muscle Bear – A Bear whose size derives from muscle rather than body fat. A fit Bear often with a beard.
  • Ursula – A lesbian Bear.
  • Goldilocks – A straight woman friendly with Bears.
  • Ginger Bear – A hairy red haired bear.
  • Polar Bear – An older Bear whose facial and body hair is predominantly or entirely white or grey.
  • Grizzly – A dominant Bear of extreme stature in height, weight, and/or hairiness.
  • Wolf – A slimmer Bear, with the behavioral characteristic of sexual assertiveness or aggression.
  • Manatee – A hairless, chubby male who is called a Bear but does not identify as such.
  • Bruin – A hairy athletic gay man.
  • Squirrel – Super femme bear. "Just a squirrel trying to get a nut."

International Bear Brotherhood Flag

Medvědí vlajka

The International Bear Brotherhood Flag was designed to represent the bear subculture within the LGBI+ society.
The colours of the flag are meant to include the colours of the furs of animal bears throughout the world, not necessarily referring to human skin and hair colour tones: Dark brown, orange/rust, golden yellow, tan, white, gray, and black.
The flag was designed with inclusion in mind.

General gay vocabulary

  • Twink – A young gay man with little to no body hair and often blonde.
  • Mature – A gay man of a certain vintage.
  • Silverfox – An attractive older man with either a lot of grey or totally grey/white hair.
  • Sugar Daddy – A wealthy gay guy that is older than you, usually greying and he often pays the bills.
  • Sugar Boy – The boy toy of a Sugar Daddy.


Bear body

Bear fur