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Prague Bear Summer Week 2019

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Prague Bears

An association for gay bears, bear admirers and their friends not only from Prague.

We organize events where we have fun and create connections.

If you are a tourist, you might find useful our recommendation for bear tourists in Prague :)

Our Vision

  • We are a bear family in which you can have your place.

Our Mission

  • We create relationships you can rely on.

Follow us

Are you newcomer? You can come among us :)

  • if it's not particularly requested in an invitation it is not necessary to register in advance - just come among us
  • in case of meeting in a club or for bear it's nice to target a bigger group, there is a greater chance to participate
  • in case of trip, when a meeting point is usually at a station, it's good to be there soon (as the first) - you can join that evolving group with ease
  • just introduce yourself - say hello and tell us that you are a newcomer, you are welcome :)
  • we do not judge anybody according to appearance, age or other things - for us, bears, they do not matter
  • you can always bring something good for the others - to see how the other lights up when you offer them gummy bears :)

People want to know you even you might think that people don't really care and don't want to know you. It's mostly not true, especially among us - bears.
You get what you give. You will get out of a party what you put into it. You might need to build up to talking to people you don't know, but making an effort is half the battle.
You'll be surprised at how people will react to this. And if they don't, it's not your fault. You tried! :)

How it's going?

The atmosphere is not always the same. It depends on the people who come - but the basis is always the same. Don’t expect too much - just go out to talk. Take making a new acquaintance as a bonus, create entertainment by yourself – don’t come with “amuse me” attitude.

We provide the infrastructure - it's up to you to use it responsibly and support yourselves :)

Be active, communicate. Then you will enjoy a pleasant bear event :)

Prague Bears, z.s. is still a voluntary group at heart and not a commercial organization, so all the participants are responsible for turning any activity into yet another awesome event.

To whom are the events suitable

We prepare the events for bears, guys and lads who like bears.
We are open and proud of it.

  • We take and publish photos with dignity to present our group in good way.
  • Some of the events (where it's declared explicitly) are for men only.
  • Children are allowed only if it's negotiated with an organizer firstly.

If you are OK with that and you like to take part in events especially to meet the others where the target location is not such important then we are really looking forward to see you :)