Let's go out on a hike through Velká Amerika, considered by some to be the "Czech Grand Canyon". We'll take a loop around the quarry, after which we'll head east towards Černošice. Finally, we'll end the trip by stopping by the confectionery store, Hájek & Hájková:

• Meet up: 7:35AM in Prague, bus stop Zličín no. 8.

• Departure: 7:50AM by bus line 311 to Mořina.

• Return: By train S7 from the Černošice train station, which is across the street from the confectionery store.

The hike itself will take roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes, so be sure to bring water, and perhaps some snacks.

• Path: 14.5 km, moderately challenging, hilly terrain, paved and unpaved roads, woodland terrain.