​Dear fellow bears, chasers and bear friends - let's go to the traditional trip to Pálava witch group "Pěšky etc." from Brno.

Prague: We meet up at Praha, Hlavní nádraží railway station at 5.20am in front of LYDC - LONDON shop with a train ticket to Brno.

By the train "EC 273 Csardás" we depart:
- from Prague, Hlavní nádraží 5.42am,
- from Kolín 6.23am
- from Pardubice, Hlavní nádraží 6.44am
- from Česká Třebová 7.18am
Arrival to Brno at 8.19am.

You should buy a ticket from Prague to Brno by your own - we recommend to you use InKarta or "Včasná jízdenka" on the www.cd.cz e-shop.

Brno: In Brno we join the "Pěšky etc" in front of a Döner Kebab shop at the railway station