Could I come to the event even I am not a bear?
Of course yes. If you are interested in bears, we would like to see you among us. See also recommendation for newcomers.
Is anybody allowed to come to our event?
From the perspective of Prague Bears we are not concerned on everybody, our events are not for everybody. We are focusing on quality of relationship, on reliability of our group – not on quantity. We won't target the mass, since the mass is not responsible of who we are and what we can do.
When it is not announced differently in an invitation everybody has a chance to be part of the group. It is up to the individual how to seize this chance :)
Are you newcomer? You can come among us :)
  • at club meetings, parties or just over a beer
    • it's good to aim for a larger group having fun, there's a better chance of getting involved
    • you can also take the opposite approach: if someone goes to a club alone he probably came to meet someone, have fun with others - then it makes sense to try to make contact with a person who doesn't have company
  • in case of trip, when a meeting point is usually at a station, it's good to be there soon (as the first) - you can join that evolving group with ease
  • just introduce yourself - say hello and tell us that you are a newcomer, you are welcome :)
  • we do not judge anybody according to appearance, age or other things - for us, bears, they do not matter
  • you can always bring something good for the others - to see how the other lights up when you offer them gummy bears :)

People want to know you even you might think that people don't really care and don't want to know you. It's mostly not true, especially among us - bears.
You get what you give. You will get out of a party what you put into it. You might need to build up to talking to people you don't know, but making an effort is half the battle.
You'll be surprised at how people will react to this. And if they don't, it's not your fault. You tried! :)

Sometimes it even smell of Wiener Schnitzel for snack. :)

Are women allowed to come to our events?
We like women who belongs to bear friends and fans – they could be real lesbian bear (so called Ursula) or Goldilocks.
We still reserve to not invite women to some type of events – in that case it is given in an invitation to the event.
What does it mean to vouch for a prospective member?
The principle of vouching allows the involvement of new members if the applicant does not belong to the circle of the club's management known persons (most often participants of previous events), someone from the existing members must vouch for him/her, that he/she is known and reliable (sane).
Bear values and the power of the man's word

Reliability and the power of the man's word are our values.

What would happen if you register to an event but you don't show up?

You lose your credibility and trustworthy - you build image of an unreliable person. We can't count on you. It is imposible to build good relationship on this base.

Record of Bear values and the power of the man's word (in Czech only).

Why (bear) pack, bear family?

Our family is something that has been assigned to us. We can't choose it.

The pack, unlike the family, is a group of these with whom we share our lives.
As humans, we have the advantage that we can choose our (bear) pack members ourselves and voluntarily.
A member of the pack is then more important to us than a stranger - the one who is not a member of the pack.

So together we are bear family :)

Inspired by "Co mne naučili českoslovenští vlčáci" by Michal Altair Valášek.