Let DJs enjoy playing and the party too.

This year we would like to make the whole event it little bit less organized to give opportunity to more DJs, being more spontaneous and have fun :)
There will be stage for DJs and literally who is going around can agreed to play.

The schedule won't be known in advance, we'll just agree on the spot, so it'll be a bit "punk" style, but we hope to get back to our roots a bit and just enjoy ourselves as DJs :)

There will be an audio system with speakers and a 230V power supply to connect your gaming setup (ideally a DJ console) with common cables and connectors (we have various CINCH/RCA, JACK, XLR...).
Of course, if you really want to play, let us know in advance what your DJ name is, what style you play and how we will connect you.

This event requires submitting a registration form until 8/8/2024.

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