Would you like to roll-up your sleeves and make something for bears? You can :)

If you like us and you are willing to create something or to be part of a change this offer is for you.

Don't worry - willingness is the key, everything else we can teach you :)

We would like to involve you to our activities which consist from training and improving organizational skills, leadership, team working, using of social networks.

Everything we do, everything we use you can learn

  • relationship creation
  • be part of a group which you can relay on
  • how to manage travelling, be flexible on utilizing not such luxury accomodation
  • how to be a leader with authority
  • Czech & English language improvement
  • you can improve on everything we use - from using facebook to make shopping list for 20 people
  • definitely there must be something useful for your CV in case you will be looking for a new job :)

Prague Bears, z.s. is still a voluntary group at heart and not a commercial organization, so all the participants are responsible for turning any activity into yet another awesome event.
Except special occasions the reward is a pleasant feeling from creation nice things for the others only - we don't have money :)