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  • Here you can subscribe our newsletter with brief list of upcoming events, we send it 1-2x a month.
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  • You can stop receiving the newsletter anytime - just by asking to cancel receiving the newsletter in a response.

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RSS Channel

It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from our calendar.

Internet browsers or mobile phones

Many browswers support the RSS natively - just by clicking on the icon Subscribe RSS. For Google Chrome you need Subscribe RSS addin.

Subcribing to an iCal calendar in ICS format

Subscribing to an iCal is a good way to track our event. Whenever we change an iCal your calendar will be updated.

To subscribe to our calendar

The following instructions are valid for a calendar at, it might differ for other applications.

  1. Go to your calendar at or just open calendar in your device.
  2. Choose Import.
  3. Choose Subscribe.
  4. In the Calendar URL box type or copy-and-paste this of the iCal:
  5. Click Subscribe.

More about subscribing online iCal at

Facebook page and notification subscription

Would you like to be informed about any facebook status on the wall of Prague Bears? Just set the option "Get Notifications". :)